do you follow your customers?
.... or do they follow you?

Inspiring 40 reportHow can you continue to grow, even in saturated markets? Six years ago, we started our research into the 40 most inspiring organisations in the Netherlands. We wanted to understand how companies affect their customers. We learned what the Inspiring 40 do, both internally and externally, to move people.

Every year we distribute the insights in a report. And to make it available for everyone, free of charge. Now, it turned out that more people would like to read it than just the Dutch. So with the unwavering help of Elizabeth Soubelet of Squiz, we are able to launch the Inspiring 40 2016 report in English!

>> Download the report.

If receiving this report by email is more convenient, just send an email to Linda de Groot ( Then, she will share it with you right away.